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The name CREOWO is one word for "Creative Office Workers". It's a community for those who wants to start work in a modern and more efficient way with the help of all tools a modern workplace can offer. The goal is to provide guidance for Users, Professionals and Product companies to succeed introducing a Modern Workplace based on Microsoft 365.


The "Trinity" for us is all about

Users / Professionals / Tools

interested to work and implement support for the modern way of working


Are you interested to know more about to create a more efficient environment to work in? If so, you should become a creowo member to get the necessary input you need.


If you are a consulting company delivering solutions based on Office 365, creowo is the right forum for you to market your services and to get more information about new products.


If you are a product company helping digital workers to do their work more efficient, creowo is the forum for you to tell about your tools and to find new partners and end users.

Our vision is to be one of the best meeting places where Users and Professionals can find and create a Modern Workplace based on Tools from the best product companies.
Our goal is reached when you are able to collaborate on any computer, tablet or mobile phone to exchange information with whoever you need to work with, wherever you are. 


What can a modern workplace do for your company 

Check out more videos from storyals about the products to support you in the modern way of working

Enjoy working 

Work should be done simple, do you agree?

This might sound naive or obvious but the truth is it's very hard to achieve. It's not complicated but it requires a good judgement of the moast valuable resorce, the employees.

An openminded viewpoint to implement change is the key.

Change can be frightening some times but a way to overcome is to start an innovation plan with the focus to reach a point where the employees starts to love their daily work with the right culture and tools.

Start support management with the right information they need to start this project and begin your journey working towards a higher level of efficiency.

Automate your work

Start with a review of your employees daily  work and select some of the most time consuming processes and automate them.

This will achieve a noticeable efficiency and productivity improvement. The result is also measurable to help you improve the efficency even further.

This is the start to of your journey to create the Modern Workplace for you company and make it ready for the future.

Read more about process automation.


Field workers!

Office workers are not the only type of employees getting benefits from a new modern workplace.

To connect field worker to the companies IT solutions will make their reporting easier and at the same time backoffice get the information without hassle.

Check out below how it comes in handy even for field workers.

Increase your productivity

Start teach yourself to use the tools of Office 365 with this helpful guide

Get the basics

Give yourself a kickstart with the basic knowledge with Office 365: Check out this set of video training.

Start now

Office Templates

Get to know what's possible with the Office templates for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Test them


Start share your documents, communicate, collaborate and work on them simultaneous with others.

Check out how

Save time

Start work smarter with you Office 365 apps and be more efficient on work.

Get tips

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