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Business Applications

With our solutions you are able to create powerful business applications up to 80% faster than with traditional development.


"We believe that business productivity can be vastly improved by allowing anyone to build solutions for working efficiently and adapting to changes themselves."


The challenges we solve for organizations

Organizations often use old and expensive standard software for their needs. Many topics like employee onboarding, contract, real estate or fleet management cannot be covered. On top, these companies need to react very fast to daily changes in the market by adapting IT tools to be more efficient and effective. The times are over for costly IT projects. The implementation or adjustment of business solutions must be fast and fair.

The digitalization era is here and young people want to work with state-of-the-art software. Because of this fact internal IT and even employees help themselves with Access, Excel, Lotus Notes, external applications or expensive customized developments. This approach is not manageable. Solutions are not integrated and data management is a nightmare.

How we solve it

We provide products to enable people to build Business Solutions in the cloud or in their private Infrastructure. All this on the widespread Microsoft Stack. A huge number of organizations use SharePoint today. SharePoint is a platform for intranet, collaboration, and Business Solutions.

Most of them use SharePoint just for sharing files. SharePoint is a great platform for business solutions. Anybody can be a “Solution Creator”.

Derived from a strategic program, Coop Mineraloel provides a solution to optimize systems and processes and simplify collaboration in departments.

The advantage of being able to expand SharePoint as much as you can: the ZAG used to integrates the quality management system Q-ZAG.


LGG Marketing built a nice CRM system using skybow Rich Forms and Theme Designer!

The city of St. Gallen seeking a solution that would preserve the historical heritage of data in the digital world for future generations.

redKG replaced their entire Access Services Apps with Apps build in skybow Solution Studio Online.



lync cymru


Lync Cymru has chosen skybow Rich Forms to replace their Infopath forms and to picture their processes.

CH Outsourcing used skybow Rich Forms to expand their Payroll Process Solution based on SharePoint. Check out the reference case!


An entire Virtual Desktop with many different apps and features. Accessible for employees all over the world to work in one single environment.

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