If you have an interest in influencing your coworkers to meet the future workplace or if you are in a position to start introducing Office 365 and a collaborative environment for your company, this is the forum for you. Unlike many other forums or groups, creowo's idea is to create a community to get you started to create your new workplace together with professionals and product owners and get the best advise on the way. 

Through a membership you will become part of the network that is constantly growing. With an efficient network, we can help you get new ideas and to support you with improvements that your workplace can take benefit from. Together will will make you successful in your choice of tools to use.

Comparisons and information about what's going on will be crucial for your decisions of tools to use. Through sponsorship from affiliated consultants and product companies we will be able to offer free webinars and seminars where we can meet f2f and show you what's there for you.

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