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Benefits of Workflow Automation

5 Long-Term Benefits of Workflow Automation   Workflow automation is a valuable tool for any business but invaluable at the larger scale. Everyone has work that must get done, and workflow automation helps reduce – or even eliminate – the time that needs to be spent on repetitive processes. This means everyday work gets done…

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Workflow Automation made easy

Nintex enables wide-scale digital transformation with easy, point-and-click workflow automation software to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – and no code. Despite the digital transformation journey, the majority of enterprise business processes remain highly manual. These processes are often considered too isolated, too simple, or too low-impact,…

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Office Automation Services

Test our simple demo employee onboarding process Demo registration with Nintex Workflow Cloud. Make sure to enter a valid email address to receive feedback from the employment process. This process registers your input in a SharePoint list and kicks off a Nintex Office 365 workflow. In the end you will recieve an email with your…

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