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Azure Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow, Why Not Both?

Logic Apps

Extract from the article of Kent Weare Introduction These days, you can’t go to a Microsoft conference where the question of “What is the difference between Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps?” isn’t asked. For many people, they think the answer is binary; you need to use one or the other. While people have preferences, and perhaps…

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Office-365 Roadmap

The official Office 365 Roadmap. Get the insights of what is going on in Office 365 Find out when what will be released and when new functionality is expected. As a professional you have a huge benefit of this information to plan delivery for your clients not to build own solutions that might come in…

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Microsoft Teams Guest Access

Expand your collaboration with guest access in Microsoft Teams Since Microsoft Teams became generally available six months ago, more than 125,000 organizations have discovered how teamwork comes to life in Teams. Today, Teams is getting even better with the rollout of guest access to all Office 365 commercial and education customers. Now Office 365 users…

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Azure AD B2B collaboration

Azure AD business-to-business (B2B) collaboration capabilities enable any organization using Azure AD to work safely and securely with users from any other organization, small or large. Those organizations can be with Azure AD or without, or even with an IT organization or without. Organizations using Azure AD can provide access to documents, resources, and applications…

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