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Webinar: Använd Outlook som er bokningscentral.

Få ut mer av Outlook BESÖK & MÖTESHANTERING Få en snabb överblick över tillgängliga mötesrum, boka möten och beställ alla tillhörande tjänster på mindre än två minuter via Microsoft Outlook® i Exchange eller Office 365. Med bilder av de enskilda rummen, information om maximal kapacitet och rummets layout samt utrustningsnivå får ni snabbt nödvändiga underlag…

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Serving catering will improve meeting productivity

By serving catering you are not only providing employees and visitors with an energy treat, but you are socializing creating space for relationship business. In the Nordics it’s not a new thing that having catering at meetings. Serving catering creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. By welcoming external meeting attendees with a small meal, even…

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Manage visitors for your meetings

Your front staff are usually the first point of contact for external meeting attendees, so here is a good opportunity to make a good first impression. However, front staff are often busy managing more tasks at once, and it is a bit time consuming to make phone calls or sending emailing back and forth every…

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Organize meetings smarter

In any organization it’s important to be able to organize meetings quickly and easily. Time is of essence and employees often only have limited time to reserve meeting rooms and resources including reaching out to service staff about services such as catering, table arrangement or pre-registration of visitors. Today many companies use Microsoft Outlook® to…

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