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Create workflows with Visio and Flow

Using the combination of Visio, Excel services and Flow gives you a full blown tool toolbox to autamate you work processes. Check the video below and learn how to do. This article is written by Microsoft Flow MVP Daniel Laskewitz.  Daniel is a Business Productivity Consultant & Microsoft Business Solutions MVP who is very enthusiastic…

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SharePoint Designer is in the phaseout stage, what is replacing it?

Three years ago, Microsoft has announced that there will be no new version of SharePoint Designer (SPD) accompanying SharePoint Server 2016, and at least since then the future of the popular accompanying SharePoint product was pretty much clear: there is none. With SharePoint Server 2019 rapidly approaching, we know now for sure: SPD 2013 was…

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Easily Build Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365

Webinar Review: Easily Build Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 In this webinar we demonstrated our Solution Studio, a web-based, easy-to-use and powerful environment for anyone who wants to create, manage, deploy and sell Business Solutions for SharePoint Online (Office 365).  If you are already working with SharePoint or even just thinking about it in…

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Getting out of the Legacy Trap

Webinar Review: Getting out of the Legacy Trap: Replacing Lotus Notes, InfoPath & Access Services Apps In this practice-oriented webinar, we explored the issues of migrating SharePoint data, information and business applications to SharePoint Online, and looked at the tools available. We took a good look at Rencore Transformator for discovering InfoPath files and custom code…

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