Azure Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow, Why Not Both?

Logic Apps

Extract from the article of Kent Weare Introduction These days, you can’t go to a Microsoft conference where the question of “What is the difference between Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps?” isn’t asked. For many people, they think the answer is binary; you need to use one or the other. While people have preferences, and perhaps…

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Work smarter

Work smart not hard. Do you want to make a change? Get to know “What’s in it for me” If you are planning a change affecting others and want to succeed, make sure they understand the value of the change or let them be a part of the change itself. Create the environment to be…

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Serving catering will improve meeting productivity

By serving catering you are not only providing employees and visitors with an energy treat, but you are socializing creating space for relationship business. In the Nordics it’s not a new thing that having catering at meetings. Serving catering creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. By welcoming external meeting attendees with a small meal, even…

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Manage visitors for your meetings

Your front staff are usually the first point of contact for external meeting attendees, so here is a good opportunity to make a good first impression. However, front staff are often busy managing more tasks at once, and it is a bit time consuming to make phone calls or sending emailing back and forth every…

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Organize meetings smarter

In any organization it’s important to be able to organize meetings quickly and easily. Time is of essence and employees often only have limited time to reserve meeting rooms and resources including reaching out to service staff about services such as catering, table arrangement or pre-registration of visitors. Today many companies use Microsoft Outlook® to…

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To develop application architectures for a successful digital transformation

As digitalization in business gains momentum, businesses are looking for agile, easily adaptable IT solutions to win and hold the competitive edge. According to Gartner, two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive. To leverage the potential of digital collaboration and productivity at all levels of the…

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Workflows to Support GDPR Compliance in Organizations and Businesses

GDPR requirements can be met easily, provided you have effective procedure execution policies in place. As a workflow-based platform, WEBCON BPS makes this process intuitive and convenient to implement. On May 25, 2018 the most meaningful change in personal data protection was enacted in the European Union: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It gives…

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Low-code platforms as developers’ game-changer

The shift towards low-code solutions observably changes the role and position of programmers in the company ecosystem. Business needs business applications, there is no doubt about it. Just like a company needs financial and accounting systems, it is equally obvious that any business these days needs applications to make their operations more efficient. Don’t be…

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SharePoint Designer is in the phaseout stage, what is replacing it?

Three years ago, Microsoft has announced that there will be no new version of SharePoint Designer (SPD) accompanying SharePoint Server 2016, and at least since then the future of the popular accompanying SharePoint product was pretty much clear: there is none. With SharePoint Server 2019 rapidly approaching, we know now for sure: SPD 2013 was…

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