Azure Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow, Why Not Both?

Logic Apps

Extract from the article of Kent Weare Introduction These days, you can’t go to a Microsoft conference where the question of “What is the difference between Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps?” isn’t asked. For many people, they think the answer is binary; you need to use one or the other. While people have preferences, and perhaps…

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SharePoint Designer is in the phaseout stage, what is replacing it?

Three years ago, Microsoft has announced that there will be no new version of SharePoint Designer (SPD) accompanying SharePoint Server 2016, and at least since then the future of the popular accompanying SharePoint product was pretty much clear: there is none. With SharePoint Server 2019 rapidly approaching, we know now for sure: SPD 2013 was…

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Easily Build Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365

Webinar Review: Easily Build Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 In this webinar we demonstrated our Solution Studio, a web-based, easy-to-use and powerful environment for anyone who wants to create, manage, deploy and sell Business Solutions for SharePoint Online (Office 365).  If you are already working with SharePoint or even just thinking about it in…

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Lotus Notes/Domino to Office 365

Moving from Lotus Notes and Domino to Office 365 and how to Overcome the “Apps” Issue The reasons to move away from Lotus/IBM Notes and Domino should be pretty obvious for everyone by now: it is a closed platform, where interoperability with other data was not really the first thing in mind back in the…

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Getting out of the Legacy Trap

Webinar Review: Getting out of the Legacy Trap: Replacing Lotus Notes, InfoPath & Access Services Apps In this practice-oriented webinar, we explored the issues of migrating SharePoint data, information and business applications to SharePoint Online, and looked at the tools available. We took a good look at Rencore Transformator for discovering InfoPath files and custom code…

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Building Business Applications in no time.

Create business applications on Office 365 in no time with Solution Studio Online. SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and development platform, but developing business solutions is a costly and time-consuming job. Even fairly simple processes such as a request for leave demand skilled SharePoint developers and a complex deployment process. This is where skybow Solution…

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SharePoint Usage Survey 2017

SharePoint Usage Survey 2017 – Workflows and Business Processes Since 2014 Prof Arno Hitzges and Wolfgang Miedl have published 3 SharePoint surveys on the usage of Microsoft products in the DACH region. This year they published a special survey covering the usage of business processes and workflows in combination with SharePoint.  They decided to do…

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InfoPath is dead. What now?

Five Reasons Why You Need to Migrate Your Infopath Forms, Today Rather Than Tomorrow. 1. InfoPath is a dead technology Microsoft has announced that it will not develop InfoPath any further. It will extend support for current InfoPath products to 2026, but there will be no new features. There are many reasons for this decision, but the main reason is that compared to today’s technology, InfoPath is ancient.…

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Digital Workplace Conference 2018

Digital Workplace Group and CMS Wire Announce Digital Workplace Experience Conference 2018 Strategic partner and boutique consultancy, Digital Workplace Group in partnership with Simpler Media Group, publisher of CMSWire have opened up pre-registration for 3-days of influential practitioners and technology innovators in the evolving digital world of work at Digital Workplace Experience (#DWX18), an annual conference…

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