Building Business Applications in no time.

Create business applications on Office 365 in no time with Solution Studio Online.

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and development platform, but developing business solutions is a costly and time-consuming job. Even fairly simple processes such as a request for leave demand skilled SharePoint developers and a complex deployment process. This is where skybow Solution Accelerators and skybow Solution Studio can help.


So how can you create Business Apps more easily and quickly?

If you are already working with SharePoint or even just thinking about it in your company, you may have come to the conclusion that it is a really extensive and complicated platform to use, and you probably wish there were a more simple way to create business apps. So of course the question at hand is: How can I create Business Apps more easily and quickly?

By using skybow Solution Studio!

Use skybow Solution Studio or one of our Add-Ins to add Business Logic to your existing solution, or to individualize and style your SharePoint user interface according to your needs.

The skybow Solution Studio is a web-based, fully-featured authoring environment. No installation is needed.


Start from scratch or from a template...


When you start with Solution Studio you will have two options to start building your perfect Business Solution. You can either start from scratch and build everything by yourself, or make your work easier by starting with one of our various templates such as: 

  • Employee Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Lead Registration
  • Contract Management
  • ...

Once you finished creating your Solution...

Build, Package & Publish

Creating business solutions with skybow Solution Studio Online is easy to do, but what about solution management and reusability? For these purposes, skybow has implemented a whole range of advanced solution management tools, which let solution creators simplify the application lifecycle management (ALM).


Solution Studio Features...

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