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Create workflows with Visio and Flow

Using the combination of Visio, Excel services and Flow gives you a full blown tool toolbox to autamate you work processes. Check the video below and learn how to do. This article is written by Microsoft Flow MVP Daniel Laskewitz.  Daniel is a Business Productivity Consultant & Microsoft Business Solutions MVP who is very enthusiastic…

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Azure Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow, Why Not Both?

Logic Apps

Extract from the article of Kent Weare Introduction These days, you can’t go to a Microsoft conference where the question of “What is the difference between Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps?” isn’t asked. For many people, they think the answer is binary; you need to use one or the other. While people have preferences, and perhaps…

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Webinar: Använd Outlook som er bokningscentral.

Få ut mer av Outlook BESÖK & MÖTESHANTERING Få en snabb överblick över tillgängliga mötesrum, boka möten och beställ alla tillhörande tjänster på mindre än två minuter via Microsoft Outlook® i Exchange eller Office 365. Med bilder av de enskilda rummen, information om maximal kapacitet och rummets layout samt utrustningsnivå får ni snabbt nödvändiga underlag…

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SharePoint Saturday Stockholm

Is a community event in Stockholm covering a lot of topics in the #Microsoft cloud space like #SharePoint Online, #Teams, #Bots, #Office365 #PnP and #Azure. With more than 300 visitors last year it’s one of the greatest community events in Scandinavia which makes it an ideal place to connect with professionals and generate new business…

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Join us

Our partners this year. The name CREOWO is one word for “Creative Office Workers” and is a community for anyone who wants to start work the modern way. The goal is to provide guidance for End Users, Professionals and Product Owners to succeed in introducing a Modern Workplace based on Office 365 and other cloud solutions.  …

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Work smarter

Work smart not hard. Do you want to make a change? Get to know “What’s in it for me” If you are planning a change affecting others and want to succeed, make sure they understand the value of the change or let them be a part of the change itself. Create the environment to be…

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The sessions of SPS-Stockholm Part 12.

How to Provision Modern and Classic sites with a Bot Imagine the scenario where a user is able to send requests to a Bot through Team sites, Communication sites, Teams, Skype and Cortana to create a SharePoint or Modern sites. In this session we will analyze how to create a Bot based on Azure functions…

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European Collaboration Summit

There are many reasons to attend the European Collaboration Summit 2018, 28th to 30th of May: It is the largest community-driven conference focusing on Microsoft’s products Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Project in Europe in 2018, with an expected attendance of a thousand people. During this three-day event, world-leading experts and speakers will…

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Who we are and what we do? WEBCON develops the world-class, enterprise-grade Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform WEBCON BPS (Business Process Suite). Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, our system allows IT departments and business process teams to continuously create applications using agile, iterative, no-code methods. Our cutting-edge InstantChange™ technology revolutionizes the application delivery process and ongoing change management,…

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